The Sandbox

Martell in the Metaverse

The Sandbox: Martell’s newest terroir

Over three centuries of savoir-faire and innovation, Maison Martell has led the way in creating outstanding cognacs appreciated and enjoyed the world over. Now the iconic French cognac house is pioneering a new terrain altogether.

Its latest adventure sees Martell voyage into the metaverse, with cognac-lovers and aficionados invited along for the ride.

‘Martell in the Sandbox’ let’s gamers explore the world of Martell like never before. Completing a series of five quests they discover the House’s unique heritage and savoir-faire, including its chateau, vineyards and distillery, and meet some famous and friendly faces as they go.
The experience brings to life Martell’s enduring commitment to quality and excellence for a new generation in the online realm.

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The full Martell NFT collection

Enhancing the metaverse adventure, Martell is offering a series of limited-edition, collectible NFTs (non-fungible tokens), granting access to exclusive brand benefits.

Vying for the Common, Rare and Epic, collectors will be awarded special gaming and real-life experiences depending on the NFT selected.

To redeem your counterpart, please connect your wallet with the button here below.

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What is Web3?

A decentralized and extremely secure web, where each user is the master of their data.
It is with the arrival of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverses that we can talk about and define this new evolution of the internet.

What is a blockchain?

First started in 2008, blockchain is a technology for storing and transmitting information without a central controlling body.
This gives blockchains a very high level of transparency and security.
Thus, users of the blockchain, connected in a network, can share data without intermediaries.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a real or virtual good that can’t be replaced or substituted; since each minted NFT is attached to a cryptography based on an ERC blockchain (Ethereum Request for Comment).
Therefore, any NFT can also be registered and traded like the Ethereum cryptocurrency.
The possession of an NFT is unique and recorded on a blockchain using a digital wallet. This guarantees the traceability, transparency and authentication of the purchase or possession of each good.

What is the Metaverse?

Although it is a term that originated in science fiction in the 90s, the first traces of the Metaverse have been around for far longer.
The Metaverse is a network of continuously active virtual spaces in which numerous people can interact with each other and with the space itself.
The Metaverse can thus develop an economy, notably by allowing the exchange of virtual currencies and/or NFTs.
Lastly, the Metaverse can also become a society with fully digital modes of governance.

How do I access the Martell experience in the sandbox?

To access the experience, go to the website then click on the map to access the Edited Martell Land. You must have a TSB player account to be able to play the Martell experience.

What is the Martell NFT collection?

Martell’s NFT collection represents the most iconic characters and objects of the Maison Martell since 1715.
Find out more about our NFT collection

How to buy Martell x The Sandbox NFTs?

To purchase a Martell NFT or TSB NFT, you must log in or create your The Sandbox or Metamask wallet. You can then buy NFTs directly from the TSB marketplace using the Sand from your wallet. Once your payment has been successfully processed, your purchased NFTs will be available in your own wallet.
You can also connect directly to the Martell website and find the entire Martell NFT collection.

How can I ask for my NFT counterpart?

To request the counterpart of your NFT you must go to Martell’s page and click on “Wallet connect”, go to your NFT collection page, click on the “claim counterpart” button and then follow the steps required to benefit from it. A confirmation will be sent by email.

Why did my NFT change after using my counterpart?

Your NFT changes color when you activate your counterpart. The change of color indicates that the NFT is no longer linked to a physical counterpart but allows you to keep the digital version of the NFT.

How do I check that the NFT counterpart is not used?

To check if the counterpart of an NFT has not been used when purchasing an NFT as secondary sale, you must go to Martell’s page and click on “Check NFT counterpart”. If the NFT you want to buy is in red, then that means the NFT counterpart has been used.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my transaction or my counterpart?

If you encounter a problem to get your counterpart, feel free to contact our support team at

Please do not share with anyone under 18. Drink responsibly.